Keywords: Life, Art, Expansion, Relation with the Divine, Synchronicity, Positivity, Christ and Charity. 

After much research and conversation I felt I should create something very different, something that was not literal but that brought to the mark exactly what it wants to pass, the firmness of truth through an expansion of consciousness and a relationship with the Divine and its creation.


With the synthesis of the project in mind and a few key words I came across a sketch I made of the 'real' name in square format, looking at this sketch I saw that there was a path of consistency with what I was looking for. And what was I really looking for? I was looking for something abstract that represented the name of the brand in its multi meanings, the big challenge behind it was to do something that was not obvious and that also was aligned with the references that were passed to me at the beginning of the project.

I was refining the initial form to bring the keywords I wanted for the symbol, after much studying the lyrics I came to the conclusion that if they were done the right way they would be fully symmetrical (synchronicity), I searched until I found a way in which the symbol never stood upside down, as it wanted to give even greater support in the readability of labels and packaging. As I said at the beginning, I started with a square but I wanted to that this square was made up of blocks in such a way that it alluded to a frame (art), a chess board (life) and also brought up the idea of ​​edification (charity), so I decided to turn the letters into blocks until reaching these goals.

To bring positivity, expansion and Christianity to the symbol I have transformed the letters 'R' and 'L' into arrows that indicate the expansion path, but if these letters are grouped together they will form exactly the positive sign with a custom size to be equally cross of Christ. Finally I placed two very discreet arrows in the letter 'A' and 'E' to represent the energy exchange between the Divine and its Creation.


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